Q: Why is uBet368 enhancing its VIP Membership Program?
A: This is because we believe that our VIPs deserve bigger and better benefits. We would also like to let those members (aspiring to be uBet368 VIPs) know exactly what they need to do to become one.

Q: What are the levels available in the uBet368 VIP Membership?
A: There are 5 Levels, Called Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Please click here to see the qualification requirements.

Q: How do I become a uBet368 VIP Membership?
A: All you need to do is to fulfill the stake amount requirements by each Level (depending on the VIP level). Please click here to see the details.

Q: How fast can I become a uBet368 VIP Membership?
A: It depends entirely on you. First, you must register with us to be a uBet368 Member and start playing with us. As soon as you meet the total stake amount requirement, you can get upgraded and start enjoying the exclusive of being a VIP.

Q: Can I become a VIP Gold Member without first being a Silver or Bronze Member?
A: Unfortunately, you have to be in the first level of Bronze before you can move in to the second level and so on, because each VIP level should have follow its criteria and requirements.

Q: How do I know whether I have been upgraded to become a uBet368 VIP Membership?
A: Upon being upgraded, our VIP Concierge will contact you to inform you about the exclusive privileges and benefits you get to enjoy. You will also be able to see your new VIP Membership Status upon logging in next to your user name or you can check in you Profile page.

Q: What are the privileges of being a uBet368 VIP?
A: The privileges are bigger, better and aplenty. Please click here to see the main benefits.

Q: What must I do, in order to maintain my VIP status?
A: This is simple. All you need to do is to play with us regularly & maintain the required stake amount based on your level.

Q: Is there any membership fee that I need to pay?
A: No membership fee is required. For any corncern or need further enquiries please contact our VIP Concierge Live Chat.