While it is exactly hard to find online entertainment websites providing trust, high security, fast and convenient payment, high quality products and fair play in partnership of affiliate, otherwise UBET368 is truly committed to all above and is also offering even more benefits.

- Terms and conditions for affiliate registration are Simple, Convenient and Secured.

- No registration fee and deposit requirement.

- Commission rate is as high as 48% of net profit the company earns from your referred customers.

- No requirement of dividend or donation to any individual or organization

- Advanced online system providing hot news no matter where you are

- 24/7 and responsive customer services

- You can particularly avail for daily statement of your referral including (registration, deposit, withdrawal and betting statement…etc.)

- Monthly report is transparent and intelligible

- Commission payment is even faster within one week only

- Communicable via large range of social media for cooperation and discussion to promote for more customers

- Eligible to get 10% commission from earning of your sub-affiliate, UBET368 affiliate members under your referral. When your sub-affiliate earns, so do you.

- Other promotions will be created from time to time as incentive to affiliate members of UBET368